Almaaqal Conference

Conference Goals:

The 1st Conference on Renewable and Sustainable Energy - Global Trends aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and stakeholders from around the world to discuss and explore the latest advancements and challenges encountered in the field of renewable and sustainable energy. The primary focus is to highlight global successes and failures in developing and implementing renewable and sustainable energy sources and use the knowledge gained to shape how renewable and sustainable energy is approached in Iraq. The aim is to identify potential opportunities and benefits in building and supporting renewable and sustainable energy sources for Iraq, taking into consideration its unique geopolitical, economic, and environmental context.

The conference intends to:

1. Share and disseminate cutting-edge research, innovation, and developments in renewable and sustainable energy from around the world.
2. Analyze and discuss the opportunities, challenges, and implications of adopting these energy sources .
3. Foster dialogue and collaboration among academia, government, industry, and other stakeholders in developing a comprehensive and tailored strategy for the transition toward renewable and sustainable energy in the world particularly in Iraq.
4. Highlight the importance of renewable energy in contributing to securing the energy requirements, economic development, and environmental sustainability.
5. Propose policy recommendations and strategies for the implementation of renewable and sustainable energy projects in general and specifically in Iraq.
6. Build capacity and enhance understanding of renewable and sustainable energy technologies among participants, particularly about their applicability and viability in the Iraqi context.
7. Promote collaboration and partnership between institutes from all over the world in the field of renewable and sustainable energy.